Board of Directors

Cobblestone Home Owner Association Board of Directors (BOD)
Cobblestone BOD manages the affairs of the Association with a board of seven directors, who need be members of the Association. The BOD is comprised of one member from each of the five building phases within Cobblestone (who each are elected to 3-year terms by their phase members) with two At-large members (who each are elected to a 1-year team from all 157 owners) who are elected at the Owners Annual Meeting in April of each year.

The Role of the Cobblestone BOD:
  • Set the strategic direction of the Corporation/Community
  • Conduct the business of the Association as outlined in the By-Laws & Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
  • Hire, supervise, and evaluate the Community Manager
  • Provide financial direction both in operations and long-range capital planning
  • Accomplish Association business through committee members chosen for their relevant expertise to examine the numerous issues of the Association
Thank you to the following for serving on the 2023-24 Board of Directors:
Name Represents Officer Term Ends
Maggie Wilcox Phase 1 Director 2024
Phyllis Swink Phase 2 Director 2026
John Keninger Phase 3 Director 2026
Andy Neebel Phase 4 Secretary 2024
Bev Bell Phase 5 Vice President 2025
Zac Parry At Large President 2024
Mike Fitzpatrick At Large Treasurer 2024