2022 Building Reports

In 2022, Cobblestone Owners Association hired TE Forensics, Inc., a structural engineering firm located in Urbandale, Iowa to conduct an assessment of the property condition as it relates to deterioration of roofs, siding, gutters and downspouts.  This work was a follow-up to the Reserve Study conducted by Association Reserves where structural deficiencies were noted and as a means to inform the community and board about the liabilities present on property.
TE Forensics, Inc. conducted their site inspections in the spring/early summer of 2022 and provided a detailed report for each building and a summary report of the property condition for the entire property.  Please find the reports below:
The report for each building are available for download below:
Please be advised that these reports are material information to the condition of the property and should be disclosed.
Management and the Association are required to disclose this information on all requests from mortgage companies and 3rd parties seeking information to facilitate the sale, financing, or refinancing of any unit within Cobblestone.