All owners are encouraged to serve and provide input on various Cobblestone committees including: Finance & Audit, Communications, Landscape, Architectural, and ad hoc committees as established by the Board of Directors.
Finance & Audit Committee - provides oversight on monthly financial reporting to the Board and community, facilitates the biannual independent audit, recommends budgets and investment of reserve funds to the Board of Directors.
Communications Committee - provides technical and content guidance with the website and recommends means to improve communication within the Cobblestone community for official association information.
Landscape Committee - provides input on common area landscape beds, lawn care, tree care in common areas, storm water pond, and reviews/makes recommendations to the Board concerning landscape requests from owners.
Architectural Committee - provides input on exterior maintenance, repair, and replacement of exterior components including reviews/makes recommendations to the Board concerning architectural requests from owners.
If you are interested in serving on any Committee, please contact the Board President to volunteer or seek more information.